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Kanbun 13 (寛文十三年) / Enpô 1 (延宝元年)

Timeline of 1673

  • 1673/5/8 A fire ravages Kyoto, and destroys the Imperial Palace. Emperor Reigen and his court relocate to the Konoe family mansion while the palace is rebuilt.
  • 1673/5/25 The British ship Return sails into Nagasaki harbor seeking trade; its requests are rejected, and the ship leaves roughly two months later without incident.
  • 1673/5/27 Nagasaki bugyô Okano Sadaaki orders Kuroda Mitsuyuki, daimyô of Fukuoka han, to prepare to depart for Nagasaki, to deal with the Return. Later the same night, Okano reverses his orders, commanding Kuroda to remain in Fukuoka, as the Return was determined to be a non-military vessel, and not a threat.
  • 1673/6/4 A Dutch ship enters Nagasaki harbor, as part of standard trade routines.
  • 1673/8 The Mitsui family opens the Echigo-ya in Edo.
  • 1673/9/21 The Enpô era begins.

Other Events of 1673

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