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Shôhô 2 (正保二年)

Timeline of 1645

Other Events of 1645

  • Bankoku sôzu, the first world map produced in Japan, is published.
  • Miyamoto Musashi completes the Gorin no sho (Book of the Five Rings).
  • Qing Imperial Court mandates Chinese and Chinese subjects to wear their hair in a queue (a long braid), in the Manchu style. Ryukyuans are excused from this mandate.
  • Tenshu of Matsuyama castle (Iyo) is completed.
  • Ban on onna-kabuki is reissued.
  • Korean Court stops using the Chinese imperial era names in correspondence with Japan, citing dates only by the sexegenary cycle.
  • Manchu forces sack Yangzhou in a violent ten-day massacre.

Births and Deaths

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