Onodera Yoshimichi

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  • Birth: 1566
  • Death: 1645
  • Other names: Onoji Yoshimichi, Ondera Jûro
  • Title: Tôtômi no kami
  • Distinction: Dewa warlord

Yoshimichi was the second son of Onodera Terumichi, a minor daimyô of Dewa province. A long time rival of the Mogami, he held Ômori castle in Dewa's Ogachi district. In 1594 his old foe Mogami Yoshikaira is said to have deceived him into punishing one of his chief retainers and this damaged the unity of the Onodera retainer band. He resisted attempts by Ôtani Yoshitsugu to conduct land surveys in his domain and as a result was besieged at Ômori in 1599, holding out until winter forced Ôtani to retreat. During the Sekigahara campaign he lent his support to Uesugi Kagekatsu and was afterwards deprived of his lands and exiled to the Chugoku region (1601).