Shimazu Tadaharu

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Grave of Shimazu Tadaharu at Fukushô-ji in Kagoshima
  • Born: 1489/1
  • Died: 1515/8/25
  • Japanese: 島津忠治 (Shimazu Tadaharu)

Shimazu Tadaharu was the 12th head of the Shimazu clan.

The eldest son of Shimazu Tadamasa, he succeeded his father in 1508 both as clan head and as shugo of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces. Tadaharu sent missions to King Shô Shin of the Ryûkyû Kingdom seeking friendly relations and trade, and established Daikô-ji in Kagoshima City as a family temple (bodaiji) for Ashikaga Gishô.

but meanwhile faced numerous insurrections from his retainers and others within his own domains . He died in 1515, at the age of 27, at Shimizu castle, during the siege of Yoshida castle in Ôsumi, and was succeeded by his younger brother Shimazu Tadataka.

Preceded by:
Shimazu Tadamasa
Head of Shimazu clan & lord of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces
Succeeded by:
Shimazu Tadataka