Ijichi clan

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The Ijichi clan were a samurai clan of Ôsumi province, and retainers to the Shimazu clan.

At the opening of the 16th century, members of the clan served as karô (rôjû) to the Shimazu. Ijichi Shigeoki joined the Kimotsuki and Nejime clans, however, in rising up against the Shimazu beginning in 1560, and while the conflict grew for some time, by 1573 Shimazu Takahisa had defeated the Nejime; the Ijichi and Kimotsuki then turned on the Nejime clan, but were defeated the following year, and submitted to Shimazu authority. The Ijichi were granted territory in Ôsumi, and were based at Shimonojô (today, Tarumizu city).

Selected Members of the Ijichi