Hirose Kagefusa

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Kagefusa was at first a retainer of the Takeda and served Yamagata Masakage in numerous engagements (including Mimasetoge-1569). He survived the Battle of Nagashino (1575) and when the Takeda fell in 1582, he was taken on by the Tokugawa. He became a trusted retainer of Ii Naomasa and fought bravely in the Battles of Nagakute (1584) and Sekigahara (1600). He was also present at the Odawara Campaign (1590). He was afterwards given an income of 1,500 koku. On the way back from the Osaka Winter Campaign, Tokugawa Ieyasu invited Kagefusa, by now an old man, to drink with him and honored his services. His adopted son, Masayoshi, was killed fighting the troops of Kimura Shigenari in the Osaka Summer Campaign (1615).