Sho Jun (1660-1706)

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  • Born: 1660
  • Died: 1706
  • Titles: Prince of Nakagusuku (中城王子, Nakagusuku-ouji)
  • Japanese: (Shou Jun)

Shô Jun was a Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, the son of King Shô Tei.

At the age of 9, he was named Prince of Nakagusuku, and given Sashiki and Nakagusuku magiri as his domains. His domain was changed to that of Kume Gushikawa magiri in 1676, and to Sashiki and Nakazato magiri in 1689.

He died in 1706 before being able to succeed to the throne of the kingdom, and was entombed in the royal mausoleum of Tamaudun[1].


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