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Manji 3 (万治三年)

Timeline of 1660

  • 1660/1 The Morita-za kabuki theatre is founded, bringing the number of licensed theatres in the city to four, its maximum in the Edo period.
  • 1660/1/16 Morita-za burns down.
  • 1660/2/23 Bakufu issues fire prevention architecture law.
  • 1660/5 Morita-za, rebuilt, is reopened.
  • 1660/6/18 A big fire in Osaka caused by lightning to an ammo in Osaka castle.
  • 1660/7/9 Retainers and relatives of the Date clan petition the shogunate to force the retirement of Date Tsunamune, who would be succeeded by his son Date Tsunamura.
  • 1660/7/18 Date Tsunamune is forced to abdicate as daimyô of Sendai han in favor of his two-year-old son Date Tsunamura.
  • 1660/9/14 Chôshû han establishes "33-Article Family Law" (Toke seihô jôjô 33-ka-jô).

Other Events of 1660

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