Shimizu castle

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Shimizu castle was the chief seat of the Shimazu clan in Kagoshima from the 1380s until the 1550s.

The castle was first built and became the home of the Shimazu clan around 1385, under Shimazu Motohisa, seventh head of the clan. Motohisa is said to have built Shimizu because the clan's previous home, Tôfukuji castle, was too small or cramped; thus Shimizu was built on just the next hill over from Tôfukuji. A yakata (residence) was simultaneously constructed at the bottom of that hill, on or near a site which is now the location of Shimizu Middle School.

Uchi castle was built in 1550, under Shimazu Takahisa, 15th head of the clan. The Shimazu seat was then changed from Shimizu to Uchi.


  • Plaques on-site in Kanmachi, Kagoshima.[1]