Uchi castle

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Uchi castle was the third major fortress to serve as the seat of the Shimazu clan in Kagoshima. It served as the clan's chief base during its efforts in the late 16th century to conquer all of Kyushu.

Unlike its predecessors, Tôfukuji castle and Shimizu castle, which were built on hills and which might therefore be characterized as yamashiro ("mountain fortresses"), Uchi was a hirajiro ("flatland fortress"). It was built in 1550 by Shimazu Takahisa, who was resident in Ijûin at the time, but wished to shore up Shimazu control of Kagoshima as a strategic point, and thus had this new castle built and took up residence there. The "castle" was a simple yakata (fortified residence) covering roughly 100 square meters.


  • Plaques on-site in Kanmachi, Kagoshima.[1]