Shimazu Tadataka

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Grave of Shimazu Tadataka at Fukushô-ji in Kagoshima
  • Born: 1497/8/14
  • Died: 1519/4/4
  • Japanese: 島津忠隆 (Shimazu Tadataka)

Shimazu Tadataka was the 13th head of the Shimazu clan.

The second son of Shimazu Tadamasa, he became shugo of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces upon the death of his older brother Shimazu Tadaharu in 1515.

He is said to have prevented an invasion of the Ryûkyû Kingdom plotted by Miyake Kunihide in 1516; other sources indicate, however, that this is a falsehood concocted by the Shimazu clan, as part of schemes to place Ryûkyû into Satsuma's debt, so that the Shimazu could push for a monopoly on trade with Ryûkyû. The plot is discussed in a letter dated 1533/9/16, from the House Elders under Shimazu Takahisa, sent to the Sanshikan (chief royal advisors) of Ryûkyû.

He died on 1519/4/4 at the age of 23; as he had no heir, he was succeeded by his younger brother Shimazu Katsuhisa.

Preceded by:
Shimazu Tadaharu
Head of Shimazu clan & lord of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces
Succeeded by:
Shimazu Katsuhisa


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