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The entrance corridor at Seishin-in, looking out towards the shopping arcade.
  • Official Name: 華嶽山東北寺誠心院 (kagakuzan touboku-ji seishin-in)
  • Japanese: 誠心院 (seishin-in)

Seishin-in is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, famous for its close associations with Izumi Shikibu, one of the Sanjûrokkasen (36 Immortals of Poetry).

The temple originated as a hermitage built for Izumi Shikibu, granted her by Fujiwara no Michinaga, the father of Fujiwara no Shôshi, to whom Izumi Shikibu was in service. When the hermitage later became a Buddhist temple, Izumi Shikibu herself served as the first chief priest.

The temple was originally built to the east of the Heian Imperial Palace, one of the first temples to be established there; following a flooding of the Kamo River, however, it was moved west to Ichijô-Ogawa. The temple was then rebuilt at its current location in Shin-Kyôgoku sometime between 1573 and 1591, at the orders of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The main hall at the temple is called Komidô; the principal object of worship is an image of Amida, flanked by statues of Izumi Shikibu and Fujiwara no Michinaga. The grave of Izumi Shikibu is also located at the temple, under a plum tree planted there later by admirers of hers.

Today, the temple is located within a very modern shopping arcade. The walls of the short entrance hallway are lined with framed reproductions from the Izumi Shikibu emaki.


  • Plaques on-site.

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