Sappan kyuki zatsuroku

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The Sappan kyûki zatsuroku is a collection of historical documents related to Satsuma province and Satsuma han, organized in chronological order from 1041 to 1895. It is today available in modern movable-type published volumes, as part of the Kagoshima-ken shiryô, while the original copy produced for Shimazu Nariakira by Ijichi Sueyasu (Magistrate of Domainal Records for Satsuma han[1]) and his son Ijichi Suemichi is today held by the University of Tokyo Historiographical Institute. The 362 volumes of the original Ijichi compilation have been designated an Important Cultural Property.[2] No other provincial or domain document collection is said to parallel it.

The text can be divided into several sections. The first part (前編) consists of 48 volumes (巻) covering the period from 1041 to 1554, while the second part (後編) consists of 102 volumes covering the period from 1555 to 1644. An addendum (追録) of 182 volumes covers the period from 1645 to 1895, but then an additional appendix (date of compilation unknown) comprises an additional 30 volumes, for a grand total of 362 volumes altogether.


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