Rokkaku Yoshiharu

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  • Birth: 1545
  • Death: 1612
  • Other name: Yokkaku Yoshisuke
  • Distinction: Ômi warlord

Yoshiharu was the eldest son of Rokkaku Yoshikata and became the official lord of the Rokkaku in 1559 but in fact ruled jointly with his father, with whom he shared defeat at Norada against the Asai in 1560. He joined his father in abandoning Kannoji as the Oda marched through the Rokkaku domain in 1568 but continued to fight from Namazue Castle. He allied with the Asai but fled when that clan was destroyed in 1573. He took up with the Takeda, with whom he had corresponded in 1572, and hid in the Erin-ji in [[Kai province. He later became a retainer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and served Toyotomi Hidetsugu. His final post was as instructor of archery for Toyotomi Hideyori at Osaka castle.