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Keichô 17 (慶長十七年)

Timeline of 1612

  • Keichô 17/11/24 (Jan 14 1613) - The English ship the Clove departs Java for Japan.

Other Events of 1612

  • Christianity is banned in shogunal domains (tenryô).
  • The post of kaizuri bugyô (O: keezui bujô), or Magistrate of Mother-of-Pearl, is established in Ryûkyû.
  • The bank & mint in Sunpu is closed, and absorbed into the Kinza (shogunate mint & bank) in Edo, which expands considerably in the process.
  • Ryukyuan tribute missions to Ming China are restricted to once every ten years.
  • Japanese are forbidden from traveling to, or staying in, Ryûkyû (except on official Satsuma business).
  • Several men request permission from the shogunate to establish and operate a pleasure quarters in Edo.

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