Battle of Norada

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As a result of political and open conflict in the early months of 1560 (including a failed siege of Sawayama castle by the Rokkaku), Rokkaku Yoshikata moved his army to Kohoku, which would result in the battle of Norada. According to the "Asai Sandai-Ki" Yoshikata's army consisted of 25,000 troops, led by Gamo Katahide, Nagahara Nagaoki, Shindou Shikatamori, and a contingent from the Ikeda clan as part of the vanguard, with the Narazaki, Tanaka, Kido, Wada, Yoshida, and other clans in the second line, and the Goto, Miura, Yamada, Tazaki, and other clans bringing up the rear. The forces were opposed at the Uso river by Asai Hisamasa's army, which consisted of forces led by the Dodo, Isono, Youno, Imamura, Yuge, Hongo, and other clans, totalling approximately 6,000 (This figure probably does not include Asai Hisamasa's main army).

The Dodo, fighting on the side of the Asai and led by Dodo Kuranosuke, were the first troops to cross the Uso river moving South, where they engaged the Gamo. While the Dodo and Gamo forces clashed, the Narazaki and Tanaka forces attacked Dodo's flank, killing Kuranosuke and causing the Dodo to retreat. The Rokkaku forces then moved on Norada.

Nagamasa, planning with Anyouji Saburozaemon Ujihide and Imai Kamonnosuke Ujinao, created a diversion which allowed an elite Asai force to attack Yoshikata's main force directly, forcing Yoshikata to withdraw. The Asai forces did not pursue them. The Rokkaku left 940 dead, and the Asai lost 700. The dead reportedly filled the Uso river.

The Asakura had dispatched reinforcements to assist the Asai clan, however the battle was finished before they arrived.

Shortly after this battle, Asai Nagamasa would inherit control of the Asai clan from his father.