Prince of Tang

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  • Other Names: 聿鍵 (Zhū Yùjiàn), 隆武帝 (Lóngwǔ dì)
  • Chinese: 唐王 (Táng wáng)

The Prince of Tang, also known as Zhu Yujian, was a pretender emperor of the Southern Ming. He claimed the throne as the Longwu Emperor in Fuzhou in summer 1645.

As part of his efforts to secure his legitimacy, he dispatched the Fuzhou Commander Min Bangji to the Kingdom of Ryûkyû in 1645/8, and received in turn a congratulatory mission (qinghe) from Ryûkyû, led by Mô Taikyû and Kin Seishun.

He was defeated very shortly afterwards by Qing forces, led by the Manchu Prince Bolo.


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