Okazaki Romon

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  • Born: 1734
  • Died: 1787
  • Other Names: 信好 (Taira Nobuyoshi), 師古 (Shiko)
  • Japanese: 岡崎 盧門 (Okazaki Romon)

Okazaki Romon, also known by his art-name Taira Nobuyoshi, was a Kyoto-based Confucian scholar, poet, writer, and musician. He was a student of Ryû Sôro and authored a number of significant works on poetry, history, and both ancient Japanese and Chinese writing.

Okazaki played a prominent role in the compilation of the 1768 Gishi gakufu, a significant book of music in the style of the Ming Dynasty, to which he also contributed an Afterword.


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