Ryu Soro

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  • Born: 1714
  • Died: 1792
  • Other Names: 龍公美 (Ryû Kôbi)
  • Japanese: 草廬 (Ryû Sôro)

Ryû Sôro, also known by his art-name Ryû Kôbi, was a Confucian scholar, koto player, and poet. A resident of Kyoto for almost twenty years, he authored many works including at least one notable set of koto scores, and was closely involved with a circle of performers of Ming-style music, under the tutelage of Gi Shimei.

Ryû contributed the Foreword (jo) for Gi Shimei's book of Ming music, the 1768 Gishi gakufu.

His eldest son, Ryû Seika (also known as Ryû Gyokuen), was also a noted Confucian scholar, musician, and poet.[1]


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