Obata Nobusada

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Nobusada joined the Takeda around 1560 after fleeing his lands in Kôzuke. He had his old fief restored to him by Shingen the following year and proved to be one of the most dependable Takeda generals. He led large forces at the Battles of Mimasetoge and Mikatagahara and was very useful in the Takeda's Kôzuke campaigns. He commanded somewhere around 500 men at Nagashino for Takeda Katsuyori and managed to survive the battle even as many other senior men were killed. His father Norishige was not so lucky, however - he was killed in the fighting. When the Takeda fell in 1582, he joined first Takigawa Kazumasu and then the Hôjô, finally ending up with Sanada Masayuki (1590).