Battle of Mimasetoge

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In 1569 Takeda Shingen invaded Hojo-controlled Sagami and attempted a number of sieges that culminated in an abortive effort to take Odawara. Shingen soon retreated after doing some damage to Odawara's outer works. The Takeda army was attacked in the Mimase pass by a Hojo army under Ujiteru and his brother Ujikuni. The Takeda vanguard, which included Baba Nobufusa, was hard-pressed; Takeda Shingen himself led up the Takeda's main body and the tide of the hard-fought battle was turned by a furious attack by Yamagata Masakage. The Hojo were defeated and forced to retreat north, allowing the Takeda to return to Kai - though leaving behind some 900 dead.