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  • Japanese: 鳴海宿 (Narumi juku)

Narumi-juku was a post-station town located a short distance from Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya. The 40th of the 53 stations of the Tôkaidô, Narumi was home to one of the largest honjin on the entire highway, at 676.5 tsubo.[1]

Prior to the Edo period, the area of Narumi was the site of Narumi castle (aka Negoya castle). It is believed to have been demolished around 1573.[2]

During the Edo period, Narumi was one terminus of the Chôsenjin kaidô, the elite route connecting Ôtsu and Narumi, the use of which was restricted to Korean embassies to Edo and the shogun himself.[3]

Around the end of the period, the town was home to some 3,643 people living in 847 homes. Visitors were lodged in 68 hatagoya, a main honjin, and two waki-honjin. The honjin was moved to the town of Nekoya, renamed Narumi, in 1633; in each generation, its innkeeper was known as Nishio Iemon.

The post-station was also home to the Zen temple Zuisen-ji.

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  • Plaques on-site in Nagoya.[2]
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