Kunjan Seishu

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  • Died: 1871
  • Other Names: 克仁 (Ba Kokunin / Mǎ Kèrén)
  • Japanese: 国頭 正秀 (Kunjan Seishû / Kunigami Seishû)

Kunjan ôji Seishû, also known by his Chinese-style name Mǎ Kèrén, was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat known for his role in meeting with French ship captain Jean-Baptiste Cecille in 1846 and convincing Cecille & his fleet of three ships to depart Ryûkyû.

His meetings with Cecille took place on 1846/5/24 and 5/26, during which time Seishû held the title of Kunjan aji and the post of Sôrikan, a post invented by the court for dealing with Western visitors.

Seishû was later granted the title of ôji (Prince), and traveled to Kagoshima in 1849 as Prince Kunjan. On or around 1849/8/2, he was received in audience at Kagoshima castle by lord of Satsuma han Shimazu Narioki, who honored and rewarded him for his efforts. He was then granted an additional audience with Narioki at Narioki's Iso Palace.


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