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Three generations of descendants of Asai clan retainer Kaihô Tsunachika (d. 1573) are known as painters in the style of the Kanô school.

Tsunachika's son Kaihô Yûshô (1533-1615) is perhaps the most famous. As a ward of Tôfuku-ji, he managed to escape the life of battle which eventually led to the death of his father and brothers. Following their death in 1573, he began studying under Kanô Motonobu or Kanô Eitoku, later becoming one of the more prominent painters of the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

His son Kaihô Yûsetsu (1598-1677), and grandson Kaihô Yûchiku (1654-1728) followed in his footsteps, also becoming great painters.


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