Iwase Tadanari

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  • Titles: Shûri, Iga no kami, Higo no kami
  • Japanese: 岩瀬 忠震 (Iwase Tadanari)

Iwase Tadanari was a Tokugawa shogunate official who played a role in foreign relations during the Bakumatsu period.

A page (koshô) attached to the Nishinomaru of Edo castle in 1851, Iwase was honored at that time by the shogunate along with several other officials for their work as literary and gunnery instructors.

In 1853, Iwase was named kachigashira; he was also serving as an instructor at the Shôheizaka gakumonjo at that time.

He was promoted to metsuke in 1854, and later that year was assigned Matsumae Ezochi yô Edo toriatsukai (official handling matters relating to Matsumae/Ezo in Edo), replacing Arao Shigemasa who was being promoted to Nagasaki bugyô. By the beginning of 1855, he had been reassigned to Shimoda torishimari kakari.

In 1859, he was dismissed from the position of Sakuji bugyô and sentenced to house confinement amidst the dismissal and house confinement of a number of prominent officials associated with foreign affairs.[1]


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