In Genryo

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  • Born: 1718
  • Died: 1767
  • Other Names: 座間味庸昌 (Zamami Youshou)
  • Japanese/Chinese: 殷元良 (In Genryou / Yīn Yuánliáng)

Zamami Yôshô, also known by his Chinese-style name Yīn Yuánliáng (J: In Genryô), was a prominent court painter in the 18th century Ryûkyû court.

He began his formal study of painting at age 12, and later became a court painter in service to the royal court. He worked directly for the king at times, and his works included the official royal memorial portrait of King Shô Kei. At age 42, he was named sô-jitô of Zamami magiri.


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