Ikeda Koson

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One of a set of hanging scrolls depicting the gosekku (Imperial Court rites), by Koson, c. 1830. Freer Gallery of Art.

Ikeda Koson was a Rinpa painter of the late Edo period, who studied under Sakai Hôitsu.

Koson was born in Echigo province, but moved to Edo when he was still young and became a student of Sakai Hôitsu. He developed a personal style which expanded beyond Rinpa, and was quite varied. He was known as something of an eccentric and a recluse, and engaged avidly in tea ceremony and poetry.

Having studied Hôitsu's Kôrin hyakuzu (1864), the following year he produced, in honor of his teacher, a volume entitled Hôitsu shônin shinseki kagami.

Some of his works are quite standard Rinpa, but others are seen as being innovative, and predecessors to the Nihonga of the Meiji period.


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