Ie Choboku

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  • Titles: 伊江親方 (Ie ueekata)
  • Japanese: 伊江 朝睦 (Ie Chouboku)

Ie ueekata Chôboku was a Ryukyuan scholar-bureaucrat who served as a member of the Sanshikan from 1782 until 1801.

He oversaw a number of reforms in the organization of government offices, and systems of compensation. He also performed a survey of the Nakagami and Kunigami regions, at the orders of the king, and contributed to the revival of the somayama system.

Ie is perhaps best known for his diary, Ie ueekata hi nikki, which records various aspects of politics and policy from 1784 until Ie's retirement from official service in 1816, and which is thus a highly valuable source of historical information.


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