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Tenmei 4 (天明四年)

Timeline of 1784

  • 1784/2/23 Jinbei finds a seal supposed to have been sent from Han China to an autonomous, early Japanese kingdom called Na. The seal was found on Shiga Island in Fukuoka.
  • 1784/2/28 Farmers in Tama county (Musashi) attack rice dealers.(Bushû Murayama riot)
  • 1784/3/24 Tanuma Okitomo stabbed by Sano Zenzaemon in Edo castle.
  • 1784/4/1 The former kamuro to Utahime of the Matsubaya teahouse debuts as Segawa VII.
  • 1784/4 The Yoshiwara burns down.
  • 1784/4 Financial difficulties force the Ichimura-za kabuki theatre to close. It is demolished by the sixth month.
  • 1784/10/18 Kiri Chôkiri is formally granted permission to run a temporarily licensed kabuki theatre for five years. The empty plot upon which the Ichimura-za had stood is fenced in, and banners are erected declaring the site the Kiri-za.
  • 1784/10/22 The yagura denoting the Kiri-za as a licensed theatre is erected.
  • 1784/11 The Kiri-za kabuki theatre opens in Edo, temporarily holding the Ichimura-za's license. The kaomise performance is the play Jûni-hitoe Komachi-zakura, one dance drama section of which, Seki no To is still often performed today.
  • 1784/11/12 Farmers riots in Matsushiro han.(Shinano)

Other Events of 1784

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