Ichio Genshin

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  • Born: 1507
  • Died: 1592
  • Other Names: 鹿屋 (Kanoya)
  • Japanese: 一翁玄心 (Ichiou Genshin)

Ichiô Genshin was a scholar of Neo-Confucianism of the Satsunan school, having studied under Gessho Gentoku.

Genshin was born in Ijiki (today, part of Kagoshima City) in Satsuma province. He was entered into the Buddhist priesthood as a child, and came under the tutelage of Gessho Gentoku, becoming an expert in Song Dynasty Neo-Confucianism. Genshin left Kyushu to study at the Shinnyo-ji and Kennin-ji temples in Kyoto, but eventually returned to become head priest at the Ankoku-ji in Obi, in Hyûga province.

Genshin later retired to the Ryûgen-ji in Fukushima (in Hyûga), and in 1573 relocated to the Jinjo-ji, where he died in 1592.


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