Gen Teiho

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  • Born: 1731
  • Titles: 津花波親雲上 (Tsuhanaha peechin)
  • Japanese/Chinese: 廷寶 (Gen Teihou / Ruǎn Tíngbǎo)

Gen Teihô was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who served a notable role in teaching and training musicians for various official court events.

Teihô studied in China as a young man, in 1753, and then in 1759, at the age of 28, he was appointed alongside Ryô Kokuen to serve as a master within the shoin of Shuri castle, training pages (koshô) who were responsible for playing music, performing dances, and participating otherwise in a variety of court ceremonies. He was reappointed to a similar position the following year, alongside Kin Jôtoku and Kin Yûka.

In 1767, he was then asked by the lord of Satsuma han to come to Kagoshima, to train the lord's own pages in Chinese and Ryukyuan music. Teihô thus traveled to Kagoshima alongside two Ryukyuan officials bearing the titles of Yoneji satunushi peechin and Kushi peechin, where they served as music masters (ongaku-shi) for roughly half a year. During that time, they performed before the lord on a number of occasions, and were also called upon to entertain him by delivering talks in Mandarin Chinese.


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