Fujiwara Tadahira

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  • Born: 880
  • Died: 949
  • Japanese: 藤原 忠平 (Fujiwara no Tadahira)

Fujiwara no Tadahira was a prominent Heian period courtier who served as sesshô from 930 to 941, and as kanpaku from that time until his death in 949. His diary, Teishin kôki, is generally regarded as the oldest extant Japanese courtier diary.[1]

A son of Fujiwara no Mototsune of the prominent Northern Fujiwara family, Tadahira succeeded his brother Fujiwara no Tokihira as head of the Dajôkan in 913, following the death of Udaijin Minamoto no Hikaru. He was named Sadaijin in 924, and regent (sesshô) in 930 upon the abdication of Emperor Daigo and accession of the three-year-old Emperor Suzaku; he then became kanpaku once Suzaku came of age in 941.

His sons included Fujiwara no Saneyori (900-970) and Fujiwara no Morosuke (908-960).


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