Emperor Daigo

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  • Born: 885
  • Died: 930
  • Reign: 897-930
  • Japanese: 醍醐天皇 (Daigo tennou)

Emperor Daigo was a Heian period emperor known for commissioning the Engishiki, a record of court protocols of the time, and for his involvement with the affairs surrounding Sugawara no Michizane.

Daigo succeeded his father Emperor Uda in 897; unlike Uda, who sought to restrict Fujiwara clan power, Daigo supported Fujiwara no Tokihira, and had Sugawara no Michizane exiled in 901.

Daigo abdicated in 930 favor of one of his sons, who took the throne as Emperor Suzaku. Daigo died later that same year.

Preceded by
Emperor Uda
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Suzaku


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