Emperor Suzaku

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Not to be confused with the fictional Emperor Suzaku, from the Tale of Genji.
  • Reign: 930-946
  • Japanese: 朱雀天皇 (Suzaku tennou)

Emperor Suzaku was a Heian period emperor who took the throne in 930, at the age of three, upon the abdication of his father, Emperor Daigo.

He was a grandson of Fujiwara no Mototsune, and had Fujiwara no Tadahira as his regent, first as sesshô from 930 to 941, and then as kampaku once Suzaku was of age.

Suzaku was succeeded by one of his younger brothers, who took the throne as Emperor Murakami in 946.

Preceded by
Emperor Daigo
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Murakami


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