Daise tsuho

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A daise tsûhô coin on display at the Tokyo National Museum
  • Japanese: 大世通宝 (ooyo tsuuhou, daise tsuuhou, taise tsuuhou)

The daise tsûhô was a currency produced in the Ryûkyû Kingdom in the 15th century, during the reign of Shô Taikyû. The characters 「永楽」 (J: eiraku, C: yongle) were scratched off of the widely circulating Chinese yongle tongbao (J: eiraku tsûhô) coins, and replaced with 「大世」 (ooyo) - Shô Taikyû's divine name being Ôyo-no-nushi (大世主) - to produce these specifically Ryukyuan coins.

The coins were roughly 2.3 cm in diameter.


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