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  • Constructed: 1858
  • Sunk: 1869/5/11
  • Other Names: エド (Edo)
  • Japanese: 朝陽丸 (Chôyô-maru)

The Chôyô-maru was a steam warship constructed by the Dutch government on the request of the Tokugawa shogunate. It was delivered to the shogunate at Nagasaki on 1858/5/3; at first called the Edo, it was later renamed Chôyô-maru.

Following the Meiji Restoration, the Chôyô-maru came into the possession of the newly-formed Imperial Japanese Navy. The following year, it was sunk by the Banryû-maru, a ship belonging to the Republic of Ezo, in the 1869 Battle of Hakodate.


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