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Meiji 2 (明治二年)

Timeline of 1869

  • Meiji 1/12/28 (Feb 9 1869) Ichijô Haruko formally enters the Imperial Court as primary imperial consort (nyôgo) to the Meiji Emperor.
  • 1869/1
  • 1869/2
    • 2/5 The government encourages to set elementary schools to all regions.
    • 2/8 The newspaper regulations ban criticism against the government.
  • 1869/2-3 (April) Charles de Long becomes US minister to Japan.
  • 1869/2-3 (April) The Dajôkan (Grand Council of State) is officially relocated from Kyoto to Tokyo.
  • 1869/2/29-3/28 The Meiji Emperor makes his second grand Imperial Progress from Kyoto to Tokyo, accompanied by an entourage of 3,500 men.
  • 1869/3/13 The Dajôkan declares the unity of government and rites (saisei icchi).
  • 1869/3/28 The Meiji Emperor takes up residence in Edo castle, which has already been renamed the Imperial Palace (kôkyo).
  • 1869/5/18 Enomoto Takeaki surrenders. (End of the Boshin War)
  • 1869/6
    • 6 Peerage reforms create a new noble hierarchy, including the creation of the kazoku aristocracy.
    • 6 The Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Farm Colony in El Dorado County, California, is established. It is the only site outside Japan to be settled by samurai.
    • 6/17 The return of domain lands to the state. (Hanseki Hokan)
    • 6/24 Russia sends troops to Karafuto.
    • 6/29 The government builds a new shrine for soldiers who died in the Boshin War. (Later called Yasukuni Shrine)
  • 1869/8 Ezo is renamed Hokkaidô and is incorporated into the territory of the Meiji state.
  • 1869/8/3 Farmers riot in Takasaki.
  • 1869/9/4 Omura Masujiro assaulted by a former Choshu samurai.
  • 1869/10/12 Farmers riot in Toyama.
  • 1869/12
    • 12 - Ueno Keisuke and Miwa Hochi arrive in Hawaii to address the Gannenmono issue.
    • 12/14 Farmers riots in Ogaki, Owari.
    • 12/25 The first telegraphic communication lines between Tokyo and Yokohama.

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