Chinen gusuku

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  • Japanese: 知念(Chinen gusuku)

Chinen gusuku was a gusuku fortress in the southern portion of Okinawa Island, in what is today Nanjô City.

Located atop a roughly 80-meter hill, the fortress is comprised of two enclosures, known as the "old gusuku" (kuugusuku) and the "new gusuku" (miigusuku). While the walls of the kuugusuku are made in the nozura-zumi style, comprised of rough piled stones, the walls of the miigusuku are in the aikata-zumi style, using nicely carved and fitted stones. The utaki within the grounds may have played a role in the Agariumai ceremony in which the king of Ryûkyû Kingdom processed around certain sacred sites within the kingdom.


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