Amano Hachiro

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  • Born: 1831
  • Died: 1868
  • Ranks: Shogitai vice commander
  • Other Name: Oida Rintarô
  • Japanese: 天野 八郎 忠告 (Amano Hachirou Tadatsugu)

Amano Hachiro

Amano was born in a Shôya family in Kozuke province. He was adopted by Yoriki Hirosawa Rikinoshin in 1865 but it's not clear why he changed his surname to Amano.

1868, Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu returned to Edo after the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. Amano and Shibusawa Seiichirô[1] and pro-Bakufu comrades formed Shôgitai corps for up coming battles against the Imperial troops while many of Bakufu retainers were just running about in utter confusion.

However, the Shôgitai was defeated in an day.(Battle of Ueno) Amano was captured and died of illness in a jail on 11/8.

Amano Hachiro's Death Poem

北にのみ 稲妻ありて 月暗し(Kitaninomi Inazuma arite Tsuki kurashi)

Thunder in the North, Dark moon.


  1. Shibusawa left the Shôgitai before the Battle of Ueno


  • Shogitai Ibun (彰義隊遺聞) Mori Mayumi