Akazaki Kaimon

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  • Born: 1739
  • Died: 1802/8/29
  • Other Names: 赤崎禎幹 (Akazaki Teikan)
  • Japanese: 赤崎海門 (Akazaki Kaimon)

Akazaki Kaimon, also known as Teikan, was an 18th century scholar of Confucianism and Chinese Studies (kangaku) in service to Kagoshima domain.

Born in 1739, he studied Neo-Confucianism under Yabu Kozan and Yamada Gessu. Originally known as Teikan, he took on the art-name () of Kaimon. In 1783, he became an assistant teacher at the Kagoshima domain school Zôshikan, and after passing through official posts as Records Magistrate (Kiroku bugyô) and monogashira, he was named a full instructor at the Zôshikan, with a rank of sobayaku. He later became a Confucian instructor at the Shôheikô.

At one time, Akazaki was ordered by Shimazu Shigehide, lord of Kagoshima, to travel to Edo and to speak with scholars there, in order to bring knowledge back to Kagoshima. In Edo, he developed friendships with Rai Shunsui and his son Rai San'yô, as well as Shibano Ritsuzan and other notable scholars of the time.

In 1796, he interviewed Ryukyuan scholar-officials Tei Shôkan, Sai Hôkin, and other members of the 1796 Ryukyuan embassy to Edo, at the orders of Shimazu Shigehide, lord of Kagoshima. He then compiled what he learned from these interviews into a book titled Ryûkaku danki ("Conversations with Ryukyuan Guests"), which was published the following year.

Akazaki also spent time in Kyoto, where he studied Japanese calligraphy, waka poetry, and related subjects.

Kaimon died on 1802/8/29.