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Meiji 37 (明治三十七年)

Timeline of 1904

  • 1904/2/20 Ôshiro Kôzô departs Kobe for Manila, to prepare to oversee the settlement of the first Okinawan emigrants to the Philippines.
  • 1904/4/10 Three hundred sixty Okinawans depart Naha for Manila, to become the first Okinawans to settle in the Philippines.
  • 1904/4/30 St. Louis Louisiana Purchase Exposition (World's Fair), at which Japan exhibits, opens.
  • 1904/7 Fisherman by Yamamoto Kanae, oft-cited as the first print of the sôsaku hanga movement, is published in the July issue of the art & literary magazine Myôjô.
  • 1904/7/6 Two hundred and twenty three Okinawans depart Kobe for Mexico, the first Okinawan emigrants to journey to Latin America.
  • 1904/12/1 St. Louis World's Fair closes.

Russo-Japanese War

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