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Meiji 24 (明治二十四年)

Timeline of 1891

Other Events of 1891

  • Edmond de Goncourt's Outamaro: Le Peintre des Maisons Vertes is published, becoming the first monograph on an individual ukiyo-e artist published in any language.
  • Bunkio Matsuki returns to Japan for the first time after leaving in 1888.
  • Kume Kunitake writes his essay on why "Taiheiki Has No Value for Historians."
  • The Ministry of Education sets down official guidelines for performance of Imperial/national ceremonies and observance of national holidays in classrooms.
  • Ôtsu Incident: Tsarevitch Nicholas II survives an assassination attempt while traveling in Japan.
  • Saitô Hajime retires from the police force and begins working at schools.
  • Opening of the first commercial theatre in Okinawa, the Nakamô Engeijô.
  • Construction begins on the Trans-Siberian Railway (completed 1903).

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