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Meiji 11 (明治十一年)

Timeline of 1878

  • 1878/5 He Ruzhang, Chinese Resident Diplomatic Minister in Tokyo, recommends to Beijing that strong measures be taken against Japan's efforts to absorb Ryûkyû.
  • 1878/5 Itô Hirobumi replaces Ôkubo Toshimichi as Minister of the Interior.
  • 1878/5/23 A formal imperial tour of the Tôkai and Hokuriku regions, temporarily put on hold from the previous year on account of the Satsuma Rebellion, is scheduled to begin in the 8th month.
  • 1878/8 Emperor Meiji sets out on a tour of the Tôkai and Hokuriku regions.
  • 1878/9/3 He Ruzhang meets with Japanese Foreign Minister Terajima Munenori to protest the cutting off of diplomatic relations between China and Ryûkyû.
  • 1878/9/27 He Ruzhang meets with Terajima again, arguing again against Japan's interference in China-Ryûkyû relations.
  • 1878/10 Peking protests Tokyo's attempts to end the tributary relationship between China and Ryûkyû.
  • 1878/11 The ethnic status or identity of the Ainu is legally stripped away as they are assimilated into the Japanese nation as "kyû dojin" (former aborigines).
  • 1878/12/28 Matsuda Michiyuki, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, closes the Ryukyuan resident office in Tokyo and expels all Ryukyuan official representatives from the city.

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