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Genna 7 (元和七年)

Timeline of 1621

Other Events of 1621

  • The second formal diplomatic mission from Ayutthaya arrives.
  • Honmaru of Kanazawa castle is expanded.
  • Kanô Tan'yû arrives in Edo and is granted land outside Edo Castle's Kajibashi Gate for his residence and studio.
  • A new residence (palace) is built at Nakagusuku gusuku.
  • Manchus take Liaodong, blocking the land routes between Ming China and Korea; Mao Wenlong escapes to Korea and establishes a base on Kado Island.
  • Satsuma han performs land surveys in the Amami Islands.
  • King Shô Nei of Ryûkyû is succeeded by Prince Sashiki Chôshô, the father of the designated heir, Shô Kyô, who is deemed too young. He takes the throne as King Shô Hô.
  • Tokugawa shogunate officially abandons policy of seeking to restore formal relations with Ming China, declaring that from hereon, Ming would only be permitted to communicate with Japan through intermediaries, such as Korea or Ryûkyû.
  • Tokugawa shogunate outlaws the purchasing, or hiring, of Japanese mercenaries or workers for work overseas. Japanese are no longer permitted to leave the country on foreign ships.
  • Tokugawa Yorifusa is given Mito han.
  • Tokugawa Yorinobu establishes a Tôshôgû shrine in Wakayama.

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