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North: Ôan 3 (応安三年); South: Shôhei 25 (正平二十五年) / Kentoku 1 (健徳元年)

Timeline of 1370

Other Events of 1370

  • King Gongmin becomes the first king of Goryeo to receive investiture from the Ming Dynasty.
  • The Ming Dynasty sends a second envoy to the Southern Court's Sei-sei shôgun-fu (Office for the Subjugation of the West). Unlike the violent treatment of the Ming envoys the previous year, this time Prince Kanenaga sends the envoys back with horses and other gifts, and roughly seventy Chinese men who had been captured by wakô and were in this way being freed and repatriated. This marks the beginning of relations between China and the Southern Court, though not with the Ashikaga shogunate.
  • The Ming Dynasty bans Chinese private sea travel.

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