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North: Ôan 2 (応安二年); South: Shôhei 24 (正平二十四年)

Timeline of 1369

Other Events of 1369

  • The newly-established Ming Dynasty sends envoys to Korea, Japan, Champa, Java, and elsewhere in Southeast Asia requesting that they enter into, or continue, tributary relations with China in the Sinocentric mode. The envoy to Japan, Yang Zai, arrives at Hakata and meets representatives of the Southern Court's Sei-sei shôgun-fu (Office of the Subjugation of the West), headed by Prince Kanenaga. The envoy, on behalf of the Ming Emperor, requests that efforts be made to stem the tide of wakô attacks; he is detained, some of his men are killed, and Kanenaga refuses to agree to any diplomatic ties.
  • A storm severely damages the hall housing the Kamakura Daibutsu.

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