Ufumi udun

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  • Okinawan: 大美御殿 (ufumi udun)

Ufumi udun was a Ryukyuan royal mansion originally built as a secondary palace for King Shô Sei when he was still Crown Prince (before 1487). It was located along Aijô-ufumichi, the main boulevard running west from the Chûzanmon of Shuri castle; more specifically, Ufumi udun was located immediately to the east of Nakagusuku udun, across the street from Ankokuzen-ji.

The mansion was expanded in 1547, and it came to be used by the women of the castle to rest, and as a maternity hut, as well as for various family ceremonies of the Ryukyuan royal family.

When Commodore Perry came to Ryûkyû in 1853, Ufumi udun was claimed to be the regent's mansion, and was used to host Perry and his men for a banquet. In 1879, following the fall of the kingdom, a portion of the mansion was transformed into the Shuri city government office, but the building was torn down and the property disposed of in the late Meiji period. In 1925, the grounds became the sports grounds for the First Prefectural Middle School; following World War II, the land became part of the grounds of Shuri High School.


  • Plaques on-site at former site of Ufumi-udun.[1]
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