Uchima udun

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The Chiwa plaque formerly from Uchima udun, now on display at the Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  • Japanese: 内間御殿 (Uchima udun)

Uchima udun was an aristocratic mansion in what is today the town of Nishibaru, on Okinawa Island. The territory is chiefly associated with Kanamaru (Shô En), who was named Lord of Uchima (Uchima udun) in 1459, and who retired to that territory in 1461, before taking over as King of Ryûkyû in 1469.

Following Shô En's death in 1476, the palace fell out of use, but was restored in 1666 by Haneji Chôshû (Shô Shôken), who had a thatched-roof main building and eastern hall built. The palace was well-maintained and regularly repaired from that time forward.

A wooden plaque featuring the characters 「致和」 (chiwa, lit. "creating harmony," or "sending forth peace") handwritten by King Shô Kei in 1737, was hung at the palace. This wooden plaque featuring royal calligraphy was used in the 20th century by US forces as a toilet seat.


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