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Use of this template

  • This template can be used for the campaigns in a war or the campaigns of a particular general/daimyo. When used as a campaign box for a war, put the box in both the main article and in the articles for the individual battles. When it is used for the campaigns of a particular person, put it directly into their biography, but not into the individual battles as the battle may have been notable for more than one person. See Boshin War and Oda Nobunaga for examples.

|name= Title of campaign/Daimyo's battles, etc.
|battles= List of battles to be linked


|name= Battles of Oda Nobunaga
|battles= [[Battle of Okehazama|Okehazama]] –
[[Battle of Anegawa|Anegawa]] –
[[Battle of Nagashino|Nagashino]] –
[[Siege of Iwamura|Iwamura]] }}

Final Result

Battles of Oda Nobunaga
Okehazama –

Anegawa – Nagashino – Iwamura