Tei Genkin

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  • Japanese/Chinese: 元覲 (Tei Genkin / Zhèng Yuánjìn)

Tei Genkin was a Ryukyuan scholar-bureaucrat known for his skill at calligraphy. He was the eldest son of famed calligrapher Tei Kakun, and is known in particular for his role in teaching calligraphy to the gakudôji of the 1842 Ryukyuan mission to Edo, serving as a dedicated teacher to Kôchi satunushi and his family from 1840/2 until 1842/5 for that purpose.

The following year, in 1843, he also taught Sakuma satunushi, a gakudôji assigned to a mission to Kagoshima, for four months.

His younger brother Tei Gen'i is also among Ryûkyû's most famous calligraphers.


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